There are multiple VR headsets in the market that supports Linux. From the more expensive Samsung Gear VR to the affordable Destek V4 headset, you will not miss a headset that is within your budget.

 There seem to be technical hitches with most VR headsets when it comes to Linux but with the improvements being done by developers, things are looking bright.

Oculus Rift

Though it is not official that Oculus VR headsets will be compatible with Linux, it has been proven that this is possible. There are moments when things will not work but based on feedback from the people who have used the headset, it is a great option.

Samsung Gear VR Headset

To use a Samsung VR headset, you will need to have its software. The cost of buying this VR headset is high and would be unaffordable for most people.

Samsung Gear VR has its VR games and VR apps that are of high quality and if you can afford it, you will be getting value for your money.

Destek V4 VR

Destek V4 VR is an affordable VR headset that supports Linux. The quality of the headset is good as well and it will be perfect if this is the first time you are buying a VR headset.

All the efforts that are being done to make Linux compatible with VR devices are from third-party developers. If only Linux would be more committed to seeing that these efforts do not go to waste, the situation would be much better.

There should be proper plans to attract developers who will come up with a VR headset that will be 100% compatible with Linux, just like the case with windows. If it will be possible to reduce the number of hardware that will be required to have a VR headset working on Linux, more people will be willing to use it.