Though the specific dates for the release of 2019 VR games are not yet known, there are indications that great things are in the offing. Developers will be releasing amazing VR games with Linux support and we will keep you updated when this happens.

Here are some of the anticipated releases of 2019:

Population: One

In this battle royale game, you will stretch your ambitions to the extreme. You will be able to build; climb a building and then fling off from the top, glide from danger, and blast jetpacks.

Do not miss out this one of a kind battle royale game in 2019!


This is a puzzle game where you will build contraptions from wood and metal bits that will direct silver balls to move from one point to the other.  This physically satisfying game looks simple but it is quite interesting.

This VR game will be released in early 2019. Get ready to have your reaction machines in a pushing, bumping, flicking and dropping mode as this is what this VR game is about.

A Fisherman’s Tale

This is a puzzle game where you will have ‘you’ as a team. Working like a wooden puppet that has been held up in a certain lighthouse, your responsibility will be solving puzzles.

Through manipulation, you will solve puzzles in the room you are locked in and from a dollhouse that is in the same room.  The game will joggle your mind and every gamer should anticipate having a great time playing this game.

Vacation Simulator

This slapstick comedy game will show how interesting virtual reality is. There is a wide playing area and you will have better interaction with the game.

If you need to take a break from job-related stress, this is the right game for you as it will take your mind off things.

A game that is full of fun will definitely be exciting to engage in.

There are many interesting VR games with Linux support that will get released in 2019. Games that will make life more interesting and ones that will take your mind off life’s disappointments.