What can I do with a VR headset in Linux

Linux is generally seen as an operating system just for geeks and companies. The benefits of consumer Linux are largely underestimated or even completely forgotten about. Only lately have VR headset makers realized the large amount of potential that lies in utilizing Linux. This is why a lot of things that VR does aren’t available on Linux, however we’re here to show you those that are.

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How to Get VR to Work in Linux

The popularity of Linux operating system has increased in the recent past. Unfortunately, there are only a few VR options that are compatible with Linux. There is hope, however, as developers have realized the need to have a VR that can work on Linux and are working...

Which VR Headsets Support Linux?

There are multiple VR headsets in the market that supports Linux. From the more expensive Samsung Gear VR to the affordable Destek V4 headset, you will not miss a headset that is within your budget.  There seem to be technical hitches with most VR headsets when it...

VR Games With Linux Support 2019

Though the specific dates for the release of 2019 VR games are not yet known, there are indications that great things are in the offing. Developers will be releasing amazing VR games with Linux support and we will keep you updated when this happens. Here are some of...