What can I do with a VR headset in Linux

Linux is generally seen as an operating system just for geeks and companies. The benefits of consumer Linux are largely underestimated or even completely forgotten about. Only lately have VR headset makers realized the large amount of potential that lies in utilizing Linux. This is why a lot of things that VR does aren’t available on Linux, however we’re here to show you those that are.

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VR Porn is probably the best reason to get a VR headset and being on Linux won’t impact your experience in the slightest. You could watch VR porn after downloading it and using a downloadable VR file player for Linux. Alternatively, you could simply watch online on sites such as PornHub. Lately VR porn has been getting more and more accessible and it’s easy to get to for anyone that has a VR headset available to them, whether they use Windows, Mac or Linux.


VR gaming, as well as gaming in general is seen as a Windows thing, however Linux has a plethora of VR games being supported on it that many people might not be entirely aware of. This number further increases if you’re able to use a virtual machine in order to simulate Windows on your natively Linux system.  Even if you can’t, SteamVR on Linux will help you play the latest VR games on your Linux device. Now, this isn’t without its flaws, seeing as Linux is a fairly unpopular system for gaming, bugs are quite common, and even worse, are rarely fixed quickly. However if you’re someone that can deal with that, Linux VR games might just be the thing for you.

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Other Entertainment Videos

While VR work environments are far away for Linux, there’s many demonstrational VR videos on the internet. Some of these VR adventures can easily be enjoyed on Linux, especially those posted on more popular video streaming sites like YouTube. While Linux is still lacking some of the things Windows already has, it is quickly catching up.

The Future

The brightest light in the tunnel when it comes to VR is Proton, an app being made by Valve, the famous gaming company, in order to bridge Windows and Linux compatibility. Proton is supposed to make Linux and Windows mostly horizontally compatible. This is mostly geared for games, and games like the popular BeatSaber are already whitelisted on this futuristic Valve made platform.