How to make bootable pendrive using Linux terminal

This is the easiest way to make a Bootable Pendrive using Linux terminal. It can be used to put almost every live distribution on USB.
You just need to give a single command.

Just put your iso in your home directory(Otherwise you have to give the full path of iso) and Enter the following command to start copying.

sudo dd if=abc.iso of=/dev/sdX

 Replace abc.iso by the exact name of iso you are using and sdX by disk label of your Pendrive.

If you dont know the disk label enter the following command:

sudo fdisk -l 

Now wait for a while after giving the dd command(based on the size of iso).

An Example with screenshots:
"fdisk -l" command for finding the disk label:

"ls" command for listing the iso:

"dd" at work:


Note: If you format your pendrive after the usage it may not retain its original size. So format it using Gparted and recreate Partitions.